Care after a Tooth Extraction – Pottsville

Procedures that involve the removal of teeth by a dentist or an oral surgeon are referred to as extractions. Severe cavities, impacted teeth, cracked teeth, malformation and severe gum disease are the most common reasons for a tooth extraction. However, a majority of the clinics providing dental care services near Pottsville recommend an extraction only when the tooth cannot be saved or restored at all.

Caring for the wound

The removal of a tooth is considered to be a mild surgical procedure and therefore, it is necessary to take proper care of the wound post-extraction.

After the tooth is removed, a gauze pad is placed over the extraction site. Biting down on this gauze pad with constant pressure restricts the flow of blood to the wound.  The gauze pad also helps to absorb excess blood and aids the clotting process. Gargling and rubbing your tongue over the site should be avoided completely since this may initiate bleeding and aggravate the pain. Placing ice cubes, wrapped in a handkerchief, on the side of the face where the tooth has been extracted will help to bring down swelling and reduce pain, both factors being an inevitable part and parcel of an extraction. Last but not the least; get a lot of rest as rest helps to quicken the healing process.    


Avoid consuming solids or anything hot for at least two hours after the surgery as this will affect the extraction site. After two hours, you could start off with cool liquids such as fruit juices rich in vitamin C as the said vitamin aids the healing process. You can gradually increase your intake to warm soups, puddings and gelatin as such foods do not exert pressure on the jaws. Avoid foods that may get stuck between your teeth as you may not be able to brush your teeth properly for a couple of days.

It is always advisable to follow what your dentist or oral surgeon recommends and you will be well on your way to recovery in no time at all.

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